Tampons Really Stick

Drunk sex always has implication. The real questions are: what are they? and how will they impact you? For many girls it’s the next morning when they realize who it is they slept with, but sometimes it takes a bit longer like maybe a week to realize the ramifications.

For me it took a week though I should have seen the signs before.  During a drunken night I had sex with someone, figuring it was the end of my period it seemed like no harm and hey, it was in my bed so if I make a mess well then who cares.  I don’t remember the sex or anything else but I remember some discomfort for a while after.  Oblivious girl that I am figured it was nothing and went on with life. 

Well that life seemed to come to a shattering stop when a new boy came into the picture.  As we were enjoying the ending of a fun night he felt something unusual and turned to me and said “what the hell is that!?”  Is that what I think it is?  I of course dumbfounded had no idea what he was talking about until he made me touch it and after a minute I had a week old tampon in my hand.  Now I have to give this kid credit because he truly was in it to win it and finish.  I took the high approach and continued with the session, which made me realize guys really don’t give a shit when they are getting laid.  So remember that ladies, whenever you think your situation is bad it can always be worse.


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