I remember reading Shakespeare in high school and only understand half of what the dude was trying to say. Tonight though I certainly understand one thing he said; “Expectation is the root of all heartache.”

I’m definitely a glass half full kind of person which can be really good but sometimes I have my half empty nights as well. Tonight is one of those. As humans we expect things from people and when they let us down it can really hurt. I guess the point of this post is me debating whether it’s better to expect things and be let down or to not expect anything from anyone and be pleasantly surprised. The latter approach seems so depressing to me.

It’s amazing how even the littlest expectation when not achieved can feel like the ultimate loss. I get a little bit sadder and wonder why I ever expected anything in the first place. And ah the worst part of all is I still keep expecting. Even if I know I shouldn’t. This may be a semi-cryptic post but I think everyone has gone through these emotions before. Whether they let down themselves by not passing a class or whether a friend let them down by not showing up when they said they would.

I’m not sure I can ever not have expectations which I guess is the hardest part of all this. I want to think the best of people. Maybe I shouldn’t?


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