Twenty sounds…old.

Twenty. Twenty. TWENTY! The words rung through my head as I laid in bed on the eve of my twentieth birthday. Twenty sounds ….old. Most of you over the age of 20 are probably rolling your eyes right now thinking “she still has to use a fake ID! How can she think 20 is OLD!?”  And yes, I do realize how young 20 actually is.

Looking back on my teenage years, if as much happens in my twenties as in my teens, than I am one lucky girl. I was blessed with teenage years full of endless sleepovers, high school dance drama, sports teams, and a supportive family. I know this blog is about the twenties, but I have been thinking about the things I have learned in my teens that has led me to the twenty year old I have turned into:

  • What goes around comes back around – karma is real.
  • Sometimes an advil and a long nap can solve all your problems.
  • Friends will come and go, specifically in the time between college and high school. You quickly learn who your friends are in your teenage years.
  • Putting up pictures of you drinking on facebook doesn’t make you cool. At all.
  • Everyone has drunken nights that they wish never happened. Learn from it and move on, the more you dwell on it, the more everyone else will.
  • College is fun.

Not much advice – but for now that’s all I need in life. Being 20 is a big milestone. The twenties are the years of your life for the end of college and the beginning of the real world. The beginning of the age of testing out who you think you want to become and who you actually become. The twenties bring a decade full of rent paying, grocery shopping, and a time where it is no longer acceptable to either be too drunk or too hungover as an excuse for everything.

For me, I hope the twenties bring me a decade full of happiness, peace, and joy. Cheesy, I know. But who doesn’t want that at any age??


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