I started this blog a year ago when I turned 23. A few weeks ago I celebrated my 24th birthday. It’s interesting to look back on the past year and see what has changed and what hasn’t. I am still in the same job and same location as a year ago but I think as a person I have grown. Maybe not quite as much as I would have liked to in a year but I’ve definitely learned more about what I like and don’t like, what my weaknesses are, and who I really am. I feel like so many people say “Take time to figure out who you really are.” That’s a pretty hard thing to do. What do you mean figure out who I REALLY am?! I didn’t understand this fully and still don’t, but I have gained a better grasp on the idea. Most of my life until recently was laid out for me. I would go to school, high school, and college then get a job. But now I can do whatever I want to. If I wanted to quit my job and move to Berlin, technically I could. Financially this may be pretty difficult but I don’t have a path laid out for me like in my younger years. This is both exciting and scary.

At 24 I don’t know what I want to do with my life. I am in the same place I was in a year ago. I have all of these things I like and could maybe make a living from but I don’t know which one is the “right” job for me. Maybe there isn’t a “right” job? Maybe I need to try something and will change jobs 10 times over the course of my life. Would that be so bad? The job I’m in now is secure and allows me to live how I want so giving that up is also a risk. The thing is I’m getting restless. I am ready for a new challenge and a change. There are only so many years you can pick up your life and go do whatever you want without worrying about a mortgage or family. Doesn’t that mean now is a good a time as any? Can I actually do this?

One thing I’ve learned in the past year is that you really have to figure out and learn how to love yourself. This is a lifelong process but you need to get to know yourself and enjoy spending time with you. This sounds weird. Who hangs out with themselves? But that’s kind of what I mean. You need to be friends with yourself and proud of who you are, even love yourself, because how can someone else love you if you don’t even love yourself? You have to deal with your issues and insecurities and figure out how to improve. This can and most likely will take years. But any progress is positive and from what I have found has led me to be happier. I encourage everyone to really think about what they like about themselves and also what they don’t like. Can you begin to make small changes in your life that will help you be happier with you? I mean, you do have to spend the rest of your life with you.

I think 24 is going to be a good year.