Every. Single. Day.

Credit: The Angry Therapist

“Know that you are fucking valuable. Start your day like it’s your last. Seek nectar. Stretch your bright spots. Shatter your veneer. Practice transparency. Love hard. Dream big. Sweat daily. Resist nothing. Embrace your story. It’s the only one you’ve got. Don’t feed negativity. Don’t engage with negative people. Don’t live in the past. Fuck your identity. Crush your false beliefs. Prove yourself wrong. Run toward your fears instead of away. Throw your stone as hard as you can, knowing that it will send ripples. Be a prism not a rock. Drink water. Ask questions. Turn your dial to give. Don’t gossip. Don’t seek approval or validation. Get out of your head. It’s the most dangerous place you’ll ever know. Don’t react. Respond. Eat well not more. Do things alone. Understand before you speak. Burn your boats. Lean forward. Forgive. Know somebody. And go to bed with fucking gratitude.”


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