I remember losing my mom in a grocery store when I was about 4 years old. I was very scared and was roaming around the sea of legs searching for the pair I recognized. My heart started beating faster and my voice grew louder as I called for my mom. I was lost.

This is a word I have heard many people in their roaring twentiez use to describe how they are feeling at this point in their life. Is that part of it all? When you are navigating through your younger years and figuring out who you are, you really feel you are in a place you don’t know? At least when I was four I knew exactly what I was looking for, my mom. At 24, I have no idea which aisle let alone which grocery store to look in to find what I’m looking for (unless it’s a really good brie) 

I commiserate with my friends and discuss how it’ll all work out but in the back of my head I always wonder, when? Perhaps this is when we learn patience. I have to keep searching and learning and seeking. I have to wait patiently to discover what will make me feel a little less lost.

All I know is that in my panic stricken 4 year old state, I did find my mom. And at 24 I may feel just as lost now but I’ll get there. And hopefully find exactly what I don’t even know I am looking for.


2 thoughts on “Lost

  1. Trust in it, indeed. You will find a path. You’ll never have it “all figured out” – no one does – but the lost feeling will gradually dissipate. Partly because you’ll realize that feeling lost is a significant part of life, and if you can sink into that feeling rather than be concerned about it, you can actually enjoy the ride. Here’s hoping that’s the case for you!

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